Back in 2015 Grant McEwan turned his back on his “Corporate World” career to chase his dream a become a Property Investor. On the day he handed his notice in he had zero savings, a big fat mortgage, a 3 week old baby (and her 5 year old sister!) and a wife earning no income as she had just started maternity so it was essential that he replaced his income very fast……….

And that’s exactly what he did. By writing his own method of sourcing Below Market Value (BMV) deals and then selling them onto to investors for a finders fee, Grant McEwan managed to replace his income within just 3 months. 4 months later he had replaced his wife’s meaning that she didn’t have to go back to work following her Maternity leave.

3 years on from this time and Grant McEwan has trained over 200 property investors in how to source BMV deals and earn a second income, through his training business Perfect Training Academy.

Grants time in now split between his training company and his property business – Perfect Properties. After 1 year of sourcing deals and selling them to investors, Grant started to keep the deals in Perfect Properties to either rent out out and build a passive income or flip for a profit. Starting with single “Buy To Lets”  and now moving onto more complex Commercial Conversion deal, Perfect Properties now has nearly 40 rental units as well as more in the pipeline.


Property has changed Grants life for the better. He now has as much free time as he wants to spend with his family and travel the world. But being a true entrepreneur and never being satisfied, Grant is still working towards his target of owning over 1000 rental units within 5 years.

Recently Grant has set up Perfect Mentoring Academy whereby he works closely with a select group of individuals who want to replicate Grants success. Every week he has video calls with the group, answering any questions that they have and mentoring them around the “potholes” that appear in business. Every quarter he meets with the group to ensure their success.

Grant McEwan has been branded as “one to watch” over the next few years within the property industry as he has BIG BIG plans.