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About Grant McEwan


CEO & founder of Perfect Training Academy


Grant McEwan is an experienced trainer and property investor and currently runs multiple property businesses. His property career began when he walked away from a very successful corporate career to take life on his own terms. In his first 12 months he became recognized as the “goto” person for property deal sourcing and since then he has trained over 150 property investors in various strategies. Grant McEwan is building a large portfolio of Buy to Lets as he believes this grass roots strategy is the most sustainable and ultimately profitable.

His passion is to become the UK’s largest training provider by offering something very different to the dated classroom environments.

Grant McEwan splits his time between his training company and his property business – Perfect Properties. After 1 year of sourcing deals and selling them to investors, Grant McEwan started to keep the deals in Perfect Properties to either rent out out and build a passive income or flip for a profit. Starting with single “Buy To Lets”  and now moving onto more complex Commercial Conversion deal, Perfect Properties now has nearly 40 rental units as well as more in the pipeline.

Property has changed Grant McEwan’s life for the better. He now has as much free time as he wants to spend with his family and travel the world. But being a true entrepreneur and never being satisfied, Grant McEwan is still working towards his target of owning over 1000 rental units within 5 years.

Recently Grant McEwan has set up Perfect Mentoring Academy whereby he works closely with a select group of individuals who want to replicate Grants success. Every week he has video calls with the group, answering any questions that they have and mentoring them around the “potholes” that appear in business. Every quarter he meets with the group to ensure their success.

Grant McEwan has been branded as “one to watch” over the next few years within the property industry as he has BIG BIG plans.

What is different about Perfect Training Academy?

The traditional property training industry in the UK is still very much classroom based and dated. These classroom usually have over 100 people in the room all trying to learn from one speaker / trainer. At Perfect Training Academy we understand that everyone learns at different rate. Some people like to “Binge” learn whilst others like to time to learn step by step. This is simply not possible in a large classroom environment which is why Perfect Training Academy are the UK’s first digital training providers. With our courses you get access for life and can watch and learn at your pace meaning you will understand the strategies a lot better. You can then network in the closed Facebook group for that course. Here’s how you’ll benefit by choosing us as your training provider.

  • You can digest the training at your own pace
  • When you get a “golden nuggets” you can pause, make notes to ensure no content is missed.
  • You have the training for life and can re-watch whenever you want.
  • You can share training with your business partner at no extra cost.
  • You can submit questions online rather than asking your question in front of a room of 100 (Im fine with that but a lot of people think they will look daft by asking)
  • You don’t have to spend the weekend with the one “everyone look at me” person in the room slowing the course down
  • No travel costs
  • No hotel costs
  • Work the programme around normal life
  • You get to network in the Programmes facebook group

At Perfect Training Academy we partner with experts in their field to deliver the highest standard of content in our courses.

3 steps for change

Decide on your strategy

Invest in the course and work through the programme at your pace

Join our exclusive members only facebook group for support and networking

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Monday- Friday opens 9am to 5pm

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